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Cultura R+D

Proposing new ways to manage culture and music projects represent a crucial aspect of my professional activity and my personal commitment with society.



Think Tank where I analyze different aspects of culture management, financing, and its associated risks.




Universidad Carlos III (Madrid) ·

Cultural Management Master´s Degree

PompeuFabra copy.png

Universidad Pompeu Fabra

Social Projects Dynamization Postgraduate Degree

Univ. Nacional Colombia.png

Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Philanthropy & Fundraising

Solidarity Campaign: Memento CD (Crowdfunding)

  • Direction and coordination of crowdfunding campaign

  • CD’s Production project

LIFE Victoria Festival (Crowdfunding&Sponsoring)

  • Design and coordination of crowdfunding campaign

  • Coordination of the festival´s Fundraising and Sponsoring

Enric Martínez i Julià Award

Promoter and financial coordinator of the Enric Martínez i Juliá Award conceded by Centre Sant Pere.

First awarded: Óscar Camps (Open Arms)

Filantropia y Mecenazgo

TV & Radio