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Cultura R+D

Proposing new ways to manage culture and music projects represent a crucial aspect of my professional activity and my personal commitment with society.



Think Tank where I analyze different aspects of culture management, financing, and its associated risks.




Universidad Carlos III (Madrid) ·

Cultural Management Master´s Degree

PompeuFabra copy.png

Universidad Pompeu Fabra

Social Projects Dynamization Postgraduate Degree

Univ. Nacional Colombia.png

Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Philanthropy & Fundraising

Solidarity Campaign: Memento CD (Crowdfunding)

  • Direction and coordination of crowdfunding campaign

  • CD’s Production project

LIFE Victoria Festival (Crowdfunding&Sponsoring)

  • Design and coordination of crowdfunding campaign

  • Coordination of the festival´s Fundraising and Sponsoring

Enric Martínez i Julià Award

Promoter and financial coordinator of the Enric Martínez i Juliá Award conceded by Centre Sant Pere.

First awarded: Óscar Camps (Open Arms)

Filantropia y Mecenazgo

TV & Radio

TV Program “Manos a la Ópera

Scriptwriter and presenter of the section "How to enter the world of Opera without dying in the attempt" where I demythologize many aspects of the world of Opera.

Intimate auditions, Interviews...

Interviews and conversations about “Winterreise” (Schubert), LIFE Victoria, Culture management and live broadcast concerts.

Radio Program “Reserva per 4”

Interview explaining how to enter the world of Opera without dying in the attempt...

TV & Radio
Congresos y Conferencias

Conferences and Congress