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 "Truth is what turns the audience on..."

From a privileged perspective that´s constantly learning from looking at the audience from the stage and from the audience to the stage, I suggest musical programming and projects, that go beyond the fact of programming, to deliver an added value to the audience for their personal development.

LIFE Victoria


(Lied Festival Victoria de los Ángeles)

Creator, founder and artistic director between 2011 and 2016. Through its multiple proposals within a limited period of time, the festival offered the audience concerts-experiences and round tables to bring them progressively and with kindness closer to the world of Lied.

Supporting young talents by programming them as warm-up artists for the main concerts was one of the main goals of the Festival.




CD with songs by Miguel Ortega published to raise funds for children with neuroblastoma. Published in 2011, it was the first classical music Spanish project financed by crowdfunding. Considered by the Ministry of Economic Affair´s Magazine a lead model of how Fundraising should be done.

Opera Filmada

Filmed Opera Season

(Obra Social La Caixa)

Program and content designer of the Filmed Opera Season curated by La Caixa´s Social Initiative at Caixaforum centers around the country.

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